This Bridal in Sicily shoot has been featured on the Fine Art Wedding blog Adoré Blog Mariage.

Have you ever imagined your Wedding in Sicily in a city scenario?

The concept of this Bridal Editorial in Sicily

What are the first things that come into your mind when thinking about a Wedding in Sicily? Glorious ancient villas with a stunning view over the sea. Magnificent Baroque styled towns surrounded by amazing natural landscapes. Not to mention the exquisite traditional local kitchen with the particular highlight of the sweet specialities. And you could picture all of this in a vibrant yellow color palette. So it’s the Mediterranean feel that this wonderful land offers one of the most remarkable feature. But how about using the city scenario to set a modern and glamorous but still romantic bridal editorial? And keeping all of this in a warm Mediterranean color palette? Therefore, together with the Sicily Wedding Planner Luana Aloi, we made all of this happen in the city of Messina.

Messina City

About Messina, the city itself is a perfect example of how classic and modern can coexist in harmony. This is also because in the early XX Century, after a devastating earthquake, a complete rebuild of the city took place. Despite this, Messina has an authentic identity, preserving its historical imprint meeting the Art Nouveau style. Surely one of my favorite places for the photograph is the main Cathedral. In fact the facade of this magnificent Basilica was the perfect backdrop of some of the bridal portraits as you will soon discover. Ready to have a stroll in this beautiful city by the sea?

Meet our gorgeous bride

This Bridal Editorial in Sicily wants to bring together a glamorous mood and the Mediterranean warmth of this wonderful land. So the busy streets of Messina, the main theatre Vittorio Emanuele and the facade of the city’s Cathedral meet the warm and vivid color palette of the bouquet by Luana Aloi. Buttercups and English roses in their white, pink, orange and yellow palette are the Mediterranean signature.

Our bride’s gorgeous dress by Atelier Eme is a sophisticated mermaid in sculpture-effect Mikado. This gown shows a game of creases defined on the waist. Then elegant tailored cuts enhance a sensual silhouette by unfastening the figure. In conclusion, here is a moment of relaxation in the historic café Bar Santoro. As an added Sicilian touch, a delicious orange-flavored granita is the sweetest ending to this bridal in Sicily.

Fine Art Photography Sergio Sorrentino
Concept, Styling & Florals Luana Aloi
Wedding dress Atelier Eme
Make-Up Valeria Berinato
Hair Daniele Barbalace
Wedding Shoes Jimmy Choo
Jewelry Vetrano Gioielli
Stationery Little Wonder Studio
Model Alice Caprì Irrera
Ring box Jewel Box
Film Processing Carmencita Film Lab