Getting married, engaged or honeymooning? Capri is for the place you!

It’s no secret: Capri has got my heart. Now you will discover some of the reasons of this endless love. If this is the first time you read the pages of my website, welcome! I’m a destination wedding photographer based in Italy and working worldwide. I visit this wonderful island many times every year. Even tough this is a very familiar place to me, every time the ferry boat approaches the harbor I get the same feeling of surprise and amazingness I felt the first time. Trust me, Capri really knows how to say Welcome.

This sweet welcoming will tempt you to already enjoy a break in the vivid harbor, postponing the taxi call or the funicular to the town center. Take the time to fully enjoy your first moments.

Once you have stowed all the luggage in your hotel room or apartment, treat yourself with a relaxing time. Don’t forget that in Italy time gets slower. Therefore, as you fully restore your energy bar, you can dive into the Dolce Vita vibe that made Capri so famous worldwide.

Aperitivo in Piazzetta

The tour begins in the iconic Piazzetta, the main square with the town hall and lot of welcoming bars to finally enjoy your Aperol Spritz! So, if you would like to do it the Italian way, aperitivo time is at noon in the morning and at 7:00PM in late afternoon. This according to the season: in summer we usually like to have it half an hour before the sunset time.
Next to the main square you can find one more iconic place. The viewpoint right outside the funicular railway station, that connects the town center to the harbor. Have a ride also just for the experience itself.

A stroll in the Dolce Vita vibe

Another highlight that makes Capri so unique is also Via Camerelle. In this street you will find the most exclusive fashion boutiques. Moreover you will discover all the brands that make the Made in Italy label so refined and appreciated all over the world. Certainly this is the place to have a stroll breathing and feeling the Italian Dolce Vita lifestyle. Even more if you picture all the 60’s celebrities in sunglasses.

Finally, I warmly recommend you to enjoy Via Camerelle in both daytime and in the night. After the sunset the vibe keeps warm thanks to the many restaurants. The atmosphere is pleasant and joyful, it will be easy to find also people dancing open air.

Exploring the Island by boat

After experiencing the town, one more must to do thing is the boat tour around the Island. And this is also something I would suggest you to do in the late afternoon, let’s say two hours before the sunset.
This is, indeed, something I always recommend to my couples for their couple photo session, get inspired here.

This is really a great experience. You could admire the Faraglioni from a close distance. Promise your eternal love to your dear one when passing under. The tradition says that a love declaration under the Faraglioni is forever.

Furthermore, the coast all around the Island offers a unique succession of rocky bays that together the golden sunset light, will offer a breathe-taking view. All of this together with a summer breeze, scented of salty water. For sure your boat tour operator will let you find a bottle of Prosecco for letting you celebrate this charming experience the best way.

One more jewel, Anacapri

And then here it comes Anacapri, sweet and welcoming town, that has so many activities to offer. Hiking lovers will find their happiness taking the chairlift to reach Monte Solaro. Here the views offered are simply stunning, a great way to enjoy the raw nature of the Island.

Nonetheless, Anacapri can offer to you the same Dolce Vita feeling you can find in the town of Capri. Wonderful restaurants offering the delicious tastes of the local kitchen, in a cozy atmosphere surrounded by lemon trees. Little fashion and flower boutiques, nice alleys like you would expect from a gorgeous Southern Italy town. And lot of pastel color hues. If I have to find a single word to describe Anacapri, it would be dreamy.

The best is yet to come

Now I’m going to give you the ultimate tip to live this Capri experience in a fully Italian way: rent a scooter! Yes, the two wheels are the easiest, funniest, lightest way to move around the Island. Of course you can find a great local transport service and taxis, but a scooter gives you much more freedom. And so much fun. You will treasure all the time spent scooter riding around the Island. It will give you the opportunity to stop and take photographs on the way.

One of my favorite rides is the one from the town of Anacapri all the way down to one more highlight of this Capri experience: la Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto). Having a swim in this outstandingly beautiful natural cave will leave you surprised. Taking my huge medium format film camera inside there is impossible. I think I should consider an underwater film camera. Next time 🙂

How could I forget the kitchen? Near the grotto you will find some restaurants facing the wonderful sea. I had there one of my best lunch ever, with such a chilling mood. This is the time to finally try the real Caprese salad. The scent of fresh basil and olive oil is part of this fine tasting experience, without forgetting the main ingredients: Pomodoro and Mozzarella. And being in a sea place, fish is the way to go! Treat yourself with a glass of a local white wine and a mixed selection of catch of the day, both fried and roasted. Pasta is a must, of course. We are in Italy, after all.

Capri will be one of your most loved place ever

What I’m writing in this blog post is just a little part of all the great things you are going to discover in Capri. I will probably write more in the future. This is one of those places that is able to give me new sensations each time I visit it. And as a wedding photographer specialized in destination weddings, I have the chance to come here very often.

The colors, the scent, the lifestyle of Capri evoke magical and passionate sensations. All of this will make you want to come back again.

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