From Villa Balbianello to Villa Melzi via a boat ride

The dream Engagement session in Lake Como

Lake Como view shot on Contax 645

Planning to take pre-wedding or engagement photographs in Lake Como? Then know that you have just found the dream one. What you are going to see features everything that should be done in an ideal day in this wonderful area. Take some time to slowly dive into the following photographs. As the beginning of this perfect afternoon, picture yourself strolling through the stunning Villa Balbianello.

This wonderful location surrounded by beautiful gardens overlooking the picturesque Lake Como, is one of the must-visit places. The first part of this unforgettable engagement photo session took place in this breathtaking location, creating a perfect backdrop for eternal memories. No need to say that N&C’s perfect outfit choice perfectly matches the elegant feel of Lake Como.

When the unexpected gives the perfection touch

From there, we embarked on a boat tour, with the sky hinting at an imminent rain shower. The anticipation in the air added a touch of excitement to the experience, as we sailed through the glistening waters of Lake Como. Little did we know that we were about to encounter a special moment.

As luck would have it, just as we reached Villa Melzi in Bellagio for the second part of the session, the rain caught up with us. But instead of dampening our spirits, it gave rise to a unique opportunity. Racing against the raindrops, I managed to capture a series of photographs that perfectly encapsulated the raw beauty and emotion of the moment. Running under the rain, the couple’s love shone through, undeterred by the weather.

After the rain subsided, nature rewarded us with a remarkable gift. The sky cleared, and the setting sun cast a mesmerizing golden glow over everything. The soft, warm light danced across the lake, the gardens, and the couple, creating an atmosphere of sheer elegance and exclusivity.

And finally, what better way to end this fantastic afternoon than with a glass of Prosecco overlooking the Lake?

Film photography. The timeless classic.

Throughout this entire session, my aim was to commemorate the couple’s love story in a way that transcends time. All of my photography work is captured in analogue. This way I sought to capture the essence of my couple’s connection with a timeless touch. Film photography enables us to preserve memories in a unique and beautiful manner, evoking a sense of nostalgia and sophistication.

This intimate and elegant engagement photo session in Lake Como truly embodies the artistry and magic of photography. The combination of breathtaking locations, unexpected moments, and the exquisite play of light and shadow resulted in a series of images that will forever hold a special place in the hearts of the couple.

So, if you are looking for images that express your love story in a timeless and elegant way, consider an engagement photo session in a stunning location like Lake Como. Let me capture the magic, preserving your most cherished memories with the beauty and sophistication they deserve.

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